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With the recent death of FPS games, on PC and Xbox., will Brink be able to bring back the genre, or even improve it? While games like Halo: Reach, and Call of Duty Black Ops had many different game modes to keep us busy, they all seemed to be the same game just repackaged with a different timeline and story. For instance, what came new in Black Ops... Frankly, in my mind, nothing. You can now run and dive, they took away spec ops, and they tried to add color into what should be a realistic shooter.

Heres where Brink comes in. Splash intends to reinvent the color of FPS's, and they have a good method of how. They plan to base all of the maps off of an artist's, who I am not familiar of, style. This include filling in shadows with complimentary colors of the object.

Next, the gameplay. Brink has set very high standards for its gameplay. The most interesting part, in my mind, is the merge of single and multiplayer. I see this to have a high potencial, but also could be a big mistake. This might allow people to hack, or use bots in single-player, allowing them to gain credits for guns and such. I am not familiar with the logistics of the coding behind bots, but using changes in the AI, one would be able to grind endlessly for credits.

Lastly, my favorite feature of brink, character customization. With the slightly cartoon characters, and the somewhat silly outfits, there could be thousands of character possibilities. But it wouldn't be the first time that a game overhypes their customization. In Halo: Reach the character you create is your own, but seeing as the armor only slightly varies, you still look the same in a sniper scope. Brink, hopefully, will allow you to change your colors, and armor, allowing a character to blend into a certain map. This will be a very cool aspect, where being an artist, might help you.

Comments, questions, tips welcome.

MoaMadness 14:27, February 9, 2011 (UTC)