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Riceygringo Riceygringo 10 May 2011

My two cents so far

The Good:

  • Movement felt fluid and realistic, I actually felt like I was doing those jumps and everything
  • Good Variety to the classes calls for some excellent teamwork
  • Excellent character appearance customization options
  • Excellent weapon customization options

The Bad:

  • Limited assortment of weapons available
  • Challenges are way too easy on the first level, but become rediculously hard on the second
  • SMART feels too subtle, we only have to walk up to something to complete an action.
  • Linear Map design, it seriously limited the ability to use SMART, most of the areas where I can climb upon felt scripted as if the game designers funneled all SMART usage into a few areas.

The Ugly: Nothing to see here, but the IGN review is complete Bullsh*t. The guy sounds …

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Riceygringo Riceygringo 12 April 2011

System specs

The system requirements are high...from the videos they released the graphics don't look all that flashy....but I guess we'll find out in 29 days

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