Brink Wiki


In Brink you are able to fully customize your weapon depending on your playstyle and personal preference. Below are some examples of attachments. Unlike in Call of Duty titles, you are not restricted to one or two attachments and are limited only by the number of places to mount attachments. Attachments are unlocked by completing 1 star and 2 star challenges. Please note that the shown attachments are from a pre-game video and may be excluded from the actual game.


Top Attachments[]

Top attachments improve or replace the weapon's sights, effectively improving aiming when using the sights. Guns larger than sidearms are capable of utilizing adjusted iron sights, red dot sights, and scopes.

Despite their purpose, top attachments have no effect on range or accuracy at longer ranges. In fact, top attachments do not have any statistic benefits at all, and only lower equip speed when installed, but some players prefer the improved reticle.

Front Attachments[]

Front attachments are installed onto the barrel of a gun. These upgrades mainly deal with affecting sound, damage- and recoil-related statistics.

Bottom Attachments[]


A heavily modified Rhett AR of the Security.

he bottom attachment is placed under the grip of the gun. These attachments can be considered miscellaneous because their benefits range from improving weapon draw speeds to allowing for an underbarrel grenade launcher system.

Magazine Attachments[]

Magazine attachments affect magazine capacity and reloading speed. These range from massive magazines with a formidable count of ammo to duct-tape magazines that allow for very quick reloading.

Attachments and Gun Statistics[]

In Brink, weapon attachments will not only affect the look of the gun, they can alter its stats. For example the drum magazine attachment may give your gun a larger mag, but it reduces stability and equip time. There are hundreds of combinations available, and building a weapon that is suited for you will allow you to stay on top of the competition.

Weapons Without Attachments[]