Brink Wiki
Weapon Shield
Type Bottom
DLC Agents of Change
Pro Added Protection
Con Decreased Stability & Equip Speed

Weapon Shield is an Attachment in Brink.


The Weapon Shield can protect you from direct enemy fire, but does not provide complete protection.


The Weapon Shield is a Bottom Attachment for Assault Rifles that provides a small amount of protection from enemy fire. In exchange, it takes significantly longer to equip the weapon it is attached to.

Leaning out of cover with the shield attatched is also recommended for protecting the majority of your body from fire. Keeping this in mind, it is possible to place narrow corridors under suppressive fire with less of a chance of being incapacitated.


  • It is more practical to use Weapon Shield with Medium Body Types considering the size of the shield in relation to their torso and their usage of Assault Rifles as primary weapons.
  • The Equip speed is cumbersome so it's wise to have it ready before an enemy finds you, Crouching with the weapon shield will provide slightly better cover
  • If you cannot use normal cover, the Engineer's Turret pairs well with the Weapon Shield, allowing you to use the turret itself as an extended shield by crouching behind it, and shoot back by shooting over the top of your turret.


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